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Hello   The response has been unreal and I
cannot reply to all the info requested.  I  had
a 1970 P1800 for 6yrs it was original and
could be fully restored. They are nice cars
and fun to drive and own, but even fully res
tored they will not bring you riches. The red
car is not all original  such as the engine, the
bucket seats the color was bronze.
I like to use the car as it is being improved. This car has rust  and  needs body work  and it can be done with carbon fiber material double, with epoxy. with  this no metal is needed  and some is complete. The car has been garaged kept for eight yrs, always on the road. Instruments work, no radio or antenna. The rust can be repaired , there is a very good windshield, right fender front and rear, drivers door,  needs rug on the interior, replace dash cover when windshield is out and a nice paint job. This would be a very nice car. This car is very good mechanically with 5000mi on a professionally rebuilt modified engine. At the same time,the cluchte,drive train,trans,brakes, suspension, wiring, electronic distributer, alternator, steering, radiator, bat is new,Intake manifold,carb, exhaust manifold, pipes,muffler, newer tires and mine rims, gas tank.electric fuel pump,rebuilt heater and fan, etc. I have recently moved and at my new location i can not work on this car.
This car can be driven anywhere.    2600 with parts see below. If ready call  201 310 6536.

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       red 1963 volvo P1800s          

Parts besides what has already been mentioned, spare steering wheel,  most  instruments,  door pads, rug underlay, some trim, carbs, spare bushings, new sway bars. etc. If you have more questions and are ready call me .  201 310 6536 .  


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